zondag 10 juni 2012

Bag strap

I was making a shopping bag for my mum yesterday and was dreading making straps. They never come out great, never everywhere the same size, never perfectly straight unless I spend so much time on them. They always make my bags a little less perfect. I starded thinking about ways to make them more perfect in a quick way, and I found it! And thought I let you in on my secrect ;-)

All you need is a metal ruler, you can't use plastic, CAN'T CAN'T CAN'T!!!!

I made a step by step tutorial for quick strap making. 
Like I said, you need a metal ruler, of some sort of strip that can stand heat. This ruler is about 3 cm wide and a perfect strap size I think. It's 50 cm long, works easier with this lenght but I guess you can use shorter ones.
First when you have cut your strap fabric fold it in half and iron flat. When you make a strap that measures 3 cm wide you will need to cut fabric that is about 9 cm wide.
Get you ruler or metal strip and place it inside the fabric, against the fold you ironed in.
Now fold the little piece of fabric over the ruler and iron again, holding the rular against that fold.
Also iron the other side.
Now you can just pin the strap together and top strich it, it will be the perfect 3 cm the whole strap! I think top stiching should not be that little, I always set my machine on 2,75. I looks the most professional I think.
And there you go, perfect straps for mummy! She loved it, it's fabric of her hometown Schiedam ;-)

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  1. Hey tof Nancy!
    Leuk en duidelijk die tutorials. Die tas is wel erg cool btw ;) Een echte Schiedamtas