maandag 14 oktober 2013


I had some beautiful postcards printed, with a velvet finish, makes me want to touch them all day! Together with Jenny BakkerNina Smit and Pyhai

They are sold in Concerto kids (a section of a legendary music store in Amsterdam)

vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

Hat Rack

My sons school asked me to paint the hat rack, it was just boring brown. I decided to paint a bit of 'Rotterdam' on in (that's where we live) One side has all typical Rotterdam buildings on it, City hall, Euromast, kubuswoning the old tram 2, etc. Rotterdam was bommed during the second world war and almost the entire centre was destroyed, so the buildings that do stand are cherished. People who live in Rotterdam are considered hard workers, and can be rough in the mouth, proud of their city but always bitching, like a dog pissing on it!

The other side show a big container boat, Rotterdam has the third biggest harbour in the world, we see a lot of the big big big boats coming by, really cool!