dinsdag 27 maart 2012

How to close a plushie.

I love home made plushies and looking at them but always get the shivers when I see the mutilation on some poor soft friends on the closing ends! There is a proper way of doing it and I am going to show you in picures and tekst. Please let me know if I need to change the English words of phrases a bit for English is not my native language.

Here are some general remarks.
- Closing is always easiest at a straight line, curves can be done but require experience. So choose a straight end.
- Close the ends of you opening properly, go back and forth on your sewing machine a couple of times for about 2 cm. You won't get stuck with loose thread this way.
- use good material, sharp needles and pins, makes the job a lot easier.

I start at the point when you turn you plush and filled it.

Take a needle and thread, not to long or you will get knots.

Stick the needle in the inner part of your plush, we will first secure it. You don't need to make knots or anything. You simply need to reapet this handle for three times, now the treat is secure.

Now stick your needle through the fabric and come out at the edge of the plush.

Stick the needle through the other side of the plush at the same height as the other thread.

Now pull, a perfect beginning. Put some pins in to keer everything in place.

Take you needle and stick it in the plush again at the same height were it came out.

Take the needle and go inside the other end, then come out at the other plush side. Keep repeating this stich, I call it the You and I stich in Dutch, not sure the correct name but I like this one ;-)

Perfect little stiches.

The end you just go through you plush with 3 very little stiches, it does not need more, it wont get loose, I promise.

And there you go, you end up with a nice closed plush.

Contact me for questions!

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  1. Gaaf Nancy, ik vind het heel duidelijk zo hoor :D
    Bedankt voor de tutorial ^^